WebMatrix opens Visual Studio 2012

I was recently building a site in Web Matrix and tried to open the project in vs.net 2012 using the the “Launch in Visual Studio” button on the top nav bar.  When ever I clicked on the button I would get a prompt asking me to install visual web developer express 2012 even though I had VS2012 professional installed.  I was able to configure Web matrix to open the VS 2012 Professional by modifying the registry.

  1. Type regedit and select the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  2. next location VisualStudio.DTE and change the CurVer to VisualStudio.DTE.11.0
  3. Finally change the CLSID to  {059618E6-4639-4D1A-A248-1384E368D5C3}

That is it.  Web Matrix should now open vs.net 2012

hope this helps…

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Brad Wetli
Brad Wetli
4/20/2013 5:26:14 PM #

This worked great.  Thank you.

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